I’m Kaomi. I’m in the Republic of Korea as a Fulbright U.S. Senior Scholar for 2016-7. As part of the grant, I’m reporting on the experiences of adult Korean adoptees who return to their country of birth to live and work. I’m telling their stories through a series of profiles, features on issues and a podcast called Adapted.

I started down this path many years ago, as a young girl living in a sleepy town in Minnesota but with a vibrant imagination and curiosity about the world. With a pen and stack of printer paper, I spent many hours sitting at the base of an old oak tree, writing and illustrating my own fictional stories. Eventually I turned my attention to events that really happened and majored in History. I decided that real life was even more interesting than the made-up kind. Eventually I went to graduate school at Columbia University to train as a journalist. I’ve gotten to tell stories from manufacturing plants in Michigan, covered a Hmong shaman ritual ceremony in Minnesota, to now talking to adoptees around Korea. Each story is unique, and humanity is shared. Our stories bring us closer.

I feel fortunate to have worked with some of public radio’s best news producers, and my work has been recognized several times by my peers, such as the Connecticut chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, the Associated Press and the Michigan Association of Broadcasters. I’m always striving to become a better journalist and person. I’m always looking for the next story. Thank you for checking out my site!


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